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EZ Polisher

EZ Polisher operates on the basis of securing the parts by independent clamps,with the motion of diamond tooling mounted on a high precision motor travel along the edge of object.Bevel edge can be polish with our EZ Polisher angle adjustment module.

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Fully Automated mean for the Perfectionist!

Work Area1000 X 600mm1300 X 600mm1600 X 600mm2000 X 600mm2500 X 600mm
Max. Workpiece Length1000mm1300mm1600mm2000mm2500mm
Min. Workpiece Length15mm
Max. Workpiece Thickness100mm
Machine Dimension2150x1120x1550mm2450x1120x1550mm2750x1120x1550mm3150x1120x1550mm3650x1120x1550mm
X axis Feed Speed (adjustable)0 ~ 2M/min
Spindle Motor2HP
Spindle Speed0 ~ 10000RPM
Electrical Requirement3PH,415V,10A,50/60Hz
Air Pressure Requirement6Kgf/cm2
Nett Weight2200kgs2500kgs2800kgs3200kgs3500kgs