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Bending System

Pro Bender(Plastic)

PROBender helps you to produce bending profiles in just seconds. It can be applied to materials such as Acrylic(PMMA), PVC, PC, PA and other thermoplastic by heating them to a desired temperature and bend to an angle of 30-180degrees. Heater of machine is controlled by a digital thermostat which ensures precise control of individual heating zone.

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Key Specification :

  • Adjustable height for all 3 bottom heater
  • Adjustable heating Width
  • Digital thermostat control
  • Water cooled bending table
  • Recommended material thickness up to 15mm

Portable Plastic Bending Heater

  • 600mm, 1200mm & 2500mm Length type
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Water-cooled structure